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November 02 2011


Zoe Strauss Interview

Tags: photography


Tags: photography

June 29 2011


PhotoNetCast #58 - Advantages and Disadvantages of hosting your own photoblog | PhotoNetCast - Photography podcast

Is hosting your own photoblog a good idea? In this episode we take a look at a few advantages and disadvantages. http://www.photonetcast.com/2011/photonetcast-58-advantages-and-disadvantages-of-hosting-your-own-photoblog.html

June 27 2011


Tack Sharp #2: Crop Factor - 5by5

Tack Sharp #2: Crop Factor - 5by5 http://5by5.tv/tacksharp/2

June 26 2011


Tack Sharp #12: Online - 5by5

Tack Sharp #12: Online - 5by5 http://5by5.tv/tacksharp/12

Tack Sharp #11: It's a Metric Ton - 5by5

Tack Sharp #11: It's a Metric Ton - 5by5 http://5by5.tv/tacksharp/11

Tack Sharp #10: The Dark - 5by5

Tack Sharp #10: The Dark - 5by5 http://5by5.tv/tacksharp/10

Tack Sharp #9: Downsizing - 5by5

Tack Sharp #9: Downsizing - 5by5 http://5by5.tv/tacksharp/9

Tack Sharp #8: TED - 5by5

Tack Sharp #8: TED - 5by5 http://5by5.tv/tacksharp/8

Tack Sharp #7: Camera Size - 5by5

Tack Sharp #7: Camera Size - 5by5 http://5by5.tv/tacksharp/7

Tack Sharp #6: Camera Modes - 5by5

Tack Sharp #6: Camera Modes - 5by5 http://5by5.tv/tacksharp/6

Tack Sharp #5: Bokeh - 5by5

Tack Sharp #5: Bokeh - 5by5 http://5by5.tv/tacksharp/5

Tack Sharp #3: Tripods, Monopods, and Gorillas - 5by5

Tack Sharp #3: Tripods, Monopods, and Gorillas - 5by5 http://5by5.tv/tacksharp/3

Tack Sharp #1: Nikon vs. Canon - 5by5

Tack Sharp #1: Nikon vs. Canon - 5by5 http://5by5.tv/tacksharp/1

June 19 2011


June 15th, Paris: Around the Louvre museum

Street recording of the path to the Louvre, and after noticing a ridiculous queue, around it instead of inside - leading to a much surprising pleasant afternoon.

June 14 2011


May 02 2011


Audio review of Digital Photography Workflow handbook


Miroslav Tichy: A voyeur with a home-made camera - Radio Prague

Tags: photography

April 24 2011


Focusing In On the Future of Social Photography

Instagram closes $7 million in funding. Path supposedly rebuffs a $120 million acquisition offer from Google. Over a 100 million photos are uploaded to Facebook each day. There is a renaissance in social photography. The relatively new field, started by Flickr only a few years ago and dominated by Facebook today is seeing a flurry of new, predominantly mobile entrants, all showing promising early traction. Photos are becoming instantly shareable and are being marked-up with a vast array of data from face-tags to geo-location to paint a more complete story of the "captured moment" than ever before. We explore the convergence of photography with mobile and social technologies, discuss whether the new startups in this field are fad or future, and imagine what the long-term future of social photography might look like, including its cultural, commercial, and social implications.

February 07 2011


Canon Blogger: Home of the Learning Digital Photography Podcast

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