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November 18 2013


Blip.tv stops audio only uploads. Where to host your audio.

Blip.tv stopped allowing audio only uploads. Learn where to host your audio only podcast. http://thepodcastersstudio.com/054/

August 05 2013


PodOmatic | Best Free Podcasts

The guest this week is a university lecturer, a poet, and my co-host on Pop the Left. I tapped C Derick Varn to come on so we could discuss the recent Chomsky/Zizek feud. For those of you who haven't been following the debate let me expose you to it: Noam Chomsky on Zizek: What you’re referring to is what’s called “theory.” And when I said I’m not interested in theory, what I meant is, I’m not interested in posturing–using fancy terms like polysyllables and pretending you have a theory when you have no theory whatsoever. So there’s no theory in any of this stuff, not in the sense of theory that anyone is familiar with in the sciences or any other serious field. Try to find in all of the work you mentioned some principles from which you can deduce conclusions, empirically testable propositions where it all goes beyond the level of something you can explain in five minutes to a twelve-year-old. See if you can find that when the fancy words are decoded. I can’t. So I’m not interested in th" name="DESCRIPTION http://dietsoap.podomatic.com/entry/2013-07-31T14_38_29-07_00

March 05 2012


Alder Hey's Dawn Chorus

Alder Hey Children's Hospital in Liverpool, UK has called upon the skills of world leading sound recordist Chris Watson to introduce his beautiful wildlife recordings into the hospital soundscape. This short piece blends interview material with Chris Watson's breath-taking birdsong recordings to explore the therapeutic use of sound amongst Alder Hey's young patients. More information: http://onthenatureofthings.com/2011/12/22/birdsong-an-escape-from-the-noise/ http://onthenatureofthings.com/2011/03/30/alder-heys-dawn-chorus/

January 22 2012


PodOmatic | Best Free Podcasts

Take a journey through incarnations of Thompson's work mixed with psychedelic sound collage. Rare recordings like the original tapes from the famous road trip which became Hunter's most well known work: "Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas" are featured in this weeks installment. Also featured will be excerpts of H.S.T. lectures, and passages from his books. Even if your only image of Thompson is the one of Johnny Depp, you will be in for a treat in this special two hour episode of The Elastic Retreat. In the words of Thompson himself, in order to truly enjoy this show, "The mind & body must be subjected to extreme stimulus, by means of drugs and music." " name="DESCRIPTION http://revsmitty666.podomatic.com/entry/2012-01-22T12_20_41-08_00

January 05 2012


Hearing the past - Hindsight - ABC Radio National (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

Historians are starting to listen, tuning their ears to the sounds of the past to gain a new understanding of times gone by. Sound may be irretrievable in itself but references to hearing and listening resonate in many written records and can be highly significant for grasping a sense of how people thought in the past. Australian historians are making key contributions to the field of sound history, in particular with the work of Professor Shane White and Graham White at Sydney University. They are specialists in African-American history, and together have written an acclaimed book on the sound history of slavery. They recover the sounds of plantation and urban life and document the differing responses from those who heard them. How sounds are heard is crucial for Professor Mark Smith of the University of South Carolina. He is one of the pioneers in sound history, and has argued for the importance of sound in the thinking of Americans in the years leading up to the Civil War. Meantime historians have begun to consider how Australia was heard in the past—from early explorers to the lead-up to Federation. Many of the themes from the American research resound here too—the power of silence, the appeal of uniformity, the question of noise—suggesting that sound history is going to be heard loudly in the future. Guests: Shane White, Professor of History, University of Sydney Mark Smith, Professor of History, University of South Carolina Alan Atkinson, ARC Professorial Fellow, University of New England, Armidale Diane Collins, Associate Dean, Conservatorium of Music, Sydney Bruce Johnson, Docent and Visiting Professor , University of Turku , Finland Cameron Fairweather, trumpet Ingrid Heyn, sound performer Manolis Mavromakis, reader Michael Taft, sound performer Class 4/3 S, St Brigid's Primary School, Mordialloc Publications: Title: The Sounds of Slavery Author: Shane White and Graham White Publisher: Beacon Press, Boston 2005 Title: Listening to Nineteenth Century America Author: Mark M. Smith Publisher: University of North Carolina Press, 2001 Title: The Commonwealth of Speech Author: Alan Atkinson Publisher: Australian Scholarly Publishing, Melbourne 2002 Title: Talking and Listening in the Age of Modernity Author/editors: Joy Damousi and Desley Deacon Publisher: ANU Press, Canberra 2007 Title: De Anima Book II Author: Aristotle http://www.abc.net.au/radionational/programs/hindsight/hearing-the-past/3658514

April 07 2011


Traffico: suono o rumore?

Il rumore del traffico di Milano: inquinamento acustico? O musica per le vostre orecchie? La risposta con audioscan. E' il un progetto di un laboratorio di tecnologia audio. Ci faranno ascoltare Milano alle sette della mattina. Un simile progetto l’hanno realizzato anche Londra.

March 03 2011


Gil Scott-Heron & Jamie XX - Running

dawnrecorder.org is a music blog written by a few dudes. We do the hard work and gather an eclectic mix of top-notch tracks and package them all nicely for you. No genre limitations here-- we just love music. Jamie XX remixed Gil Scott-Heron‘s 2010 album “I’m New Here“. When I first heard that, I thought “who cares?”. I hadn’t really listened much to either one. This album isn’t even out yet and it’s an album-of-the-year contender. Holy crap. “Running”, like many of tracks on “We’re New Here” is a heavy head-nodder that would feel just as comfortable up in the club as it would in your headphones at work. Also, as someone who makes music, that bass drum sound kind of gives me a boner. “We’re New Here” comes out February 22nd. Please, for goodness sake, preorder here. http://dawnrecorder.org/
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