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May 18 2011


Covering Mix

1. Pretty in Pink by Psychedelic Furs covered by The National 2. Fuzzy by Grant Lee Buffalo covered by Hazeldine 3. This Corrosion by Sisters of Mercy covered by Lambchop 4. Vapour Trail by Ride covered by Trespassers William 5. New Dawn Fades by Joy Division covered by Salter Cane 6. Please Please Please Let Me Get What I Want by The Smiths covered by The Lancaster Orchestra

December 08 2010


Sorrow by Shaun Inman

Via Twitter: "Rerecorded my cover of @saltercane's Sorrow properly." https://twitter.com/shauninman/status/12553844659585024

December 07 2010


Song To The Siren by Salter Cane

Salter Cane covering the Tim Buckley song that has previously been recorded by The Cocteau Twins performing as This Mortal Coil. Here's a detailed analysis of the song: http://tenser.typepad.com/tenser_said_the_tensor/2005/08/song_to_the_sir.html This version was recorded live in one take at Metway Studios in Brighton. http://www.saltercane.com/

October 01 2010


Shaun Inman: Sorrow by Salter Cane

Shaun Inman covering the title track from Salter Cane's album Sorrow. The album is released under a Creative Commons Attribution license: http://www.saltercane.com/sorrow/
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