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February 18 2014


January 23 2014


Shut Up & Sit Down | Podcast #13: The Tale of Elfblow Whistleknife

It's the very first ever podcast of 2014, and we're celebrating with never before seen audio quality! Not that you can see sound. Unless you're a bat! Do any bats listen to the podcast? We just don't know.If they WERE listening, they'd hear Paul and Quinns are talking about new year's resolutions, and all the games they played over the holiday season! Games like the deeply hyped Yedo, the deeply excellent Timeline, the deeply deep Power Grid, the deeply creepy One Night Werewolf, and the deeply recent New Amsterdam. Finally, we descend to the deepest pits of nerdery, because our Game of the Month is none other than Dungeons & Dragons. Enjoy, everybody! http://www.shutupandsitdown.com/podcast/episode/podcast-13/

December 23 2013


Cybersecurity and Target's Customer Data Breach: Forum | KQED Public Media for Northern CA

On Thursday, Target announced that cybercrooks may have hacked into the data of 40 million of its in-store customers' credit and debit card accounts. The breach started over Black Friday weekend, and security experts say consumers are often more vulnerable during the holiday season. Our panel of experts will take questions on identity theft, and how to increase your protection during the holidays. http://www.kqed.org/a/forum/R201312200900

December 13 2013


Not Playing Episode 2: Die Hardy Boys (Commentary Track)

What better way to kick off the holiday season than with Bruce Willis’s star-making turn as an everycop? Dan introduces Lex to the best Christmas movie ever, 1988′s Die Hard. Hot topics include Alan Rickman’s death scene, expletives in movies, and the many lives of Alexander Godunov. http://notplaying.net/die-hard/
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