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January 24 2014


Panel Discussion at Evolver Bay Area's HiveMind Festival, Sept 28, 2013

Live Panel Discussion at Evolver Bay Area's HiveMind Festival, Sept 28, 2013 Panelists: Talat Jonathan Phillips is the author of the bestselling book on Gnosticism, “The Electric Jesus: The Healing Journey of a Contemporary Gnostic.” He co-founded the cutting edge web-magazine Reality Sandwich and The Evolver Network, coordinating 50+ regional Evolver communities. He is a religion blogger for “The Huffington Post,” creator of “The Ayahuasca Monologues: Tales of the Spirit Vine,” a Reiki Master and Connecticut Healing Institute certified Bioenergetic Counselor. He does life coaching Skype sessions for clients around the world and has a healing practice in San Francisco. Rachel Lyra Hospodar is a horizontalist organizer, artist, and long-term Bay Area activist. She runs the production studio Medium Reality. Follow her thoughts on Twitter as @rachelyra. Jeff Bausemer is an Alumni of Tufts University in Boston and St. John's College in New Mexico. He is a licensed massage therapist and " name="DESCRIPTION http://evolversf.podomatic.com/entry/2014-01-23T16_47_22-08_00

April 26 2011


Fred Who? Fred Karger! | The Six Pack: Gay | Radio | Podcast

Fred Who? Fred Karger! Fred Karger, the first openly gay presidential candidate for a major political party, joins us for this app exclusive interview. From what it’s like to be an openly gay... http://sixpackage.com/post/4719357554/fred-who-fred-karger

April 22 2011


WTF? Marc Maron That's WTF | The Six Pack: Gay | Radio | Podcast

WTF? Marc Maron That's WTF Marc Maron, host of the WTF Podcast, joins us for a podcastin’ good time between podcasters! He shares insight into the comic mind (it can be a little scary) as well as what... http://sixpackage.com/post/4813711900/wtf-marc-maron-thats-wtf

October 06 2010


September 23 2010


Week in the News

Larry Summers will leave the White House. Don’t ask don’t tell doesn’t change. Republicans trumpet their plans. Our weekly news roundtable goes behind the headlines.
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