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December 16 2013


FS #259: The Brothers Bloom / Rian Johnson / The Girlfriend Experience / Top 5 Con Movies | Filmspotting

May 29: FPPLE, Film Podcast seeks Podcast Listener Experience You: Must love dog racing, the collected works of Rush, and listening to riveting discussions of Steven Soderbergh's films, including.. http://www.filmspotting.net/reviews/show-archive/25-2009/428-fs-259-the-brothers-bloom--rian-johnson--the-girlfriend-experience--top-5-con-movies-.html

October 02 2013


#461: Short Term 12 / Top 5 Films of 1993 / Woman on the Beach | Filmspotting

Adam resists the urge to spend the whole show quoting "Tombstone" as he and Josh share their Top 5 Films of 1993, part of Filmspotting's year-by-year countdown series. Plus, a review of the new.. http://filmspotting.net/reviews/1068-461-short-term-12-top-5-films-of-1993-woman-on-the-beach.html

August 17 2013


FS #317: I'm Still Here / Top 5 Films of 1996 | Filmspotting

Filmspotting's discussion of "I'm Still Here" -- chronicling the "lost year" of actor Joaquin Phoenix -- is NOT a hoax. Or is it? Plus, the second film in the Powell-Pressburger Marathon, "Black.. http://www.filmspotting.net/reviews/show-archive/27-2010/595-fs-317-im-still-here-top-5-films-of-1996.html Filmspotting #317 - :34-25:18 - Review: "I'm Still Here" Music: Smith Westerns, "Be My Girl" - 26:14-27:54 - Audible Recommendation - 27:55-32:27 - Mass. Theatre (Winner: J. Eaken) - 32:28-36:50 - Correction / Polls - 0:36:51-49:54 - Archers #2: "Black Narcissus" Music: Smith Westerns, "Girl in Love" - 50:52-59:13 - DVDs / Donations - 59:14-1:19:40 - Top 5: Films of 1996 - 1:19:41-1:24:07 - Close / Outtakes

August 08 2013


FS #295: The Ghost Writer / The Shop Around the Corner / Top 5 Films of 1998 | Filmspotting

March 12: In honor of Filmspotting’s discussion of Roman Polanski’s "The Ghost Writer, " this week’s show description is being ghostwritten by long time Filmspotting fan and regional Boggle.. http://www.filmspotting.net/reviews/show-archive/27-2010/476-fs-295-the-ghost-writer--the-shop-around-the-corner--top-5-films-of-1998-.html

July 27 2013


Filmspotting Bonus

#450: June 28: Star Trek Into Darkness feedback and Michael's take on the franchise

July 16 2013


January 09 2012


Rian Johnson on silent films, "Looper" and Joseph Gordon-Levitt

Visit Amazon to get the Filmspotting Android App Get the Filmspotting iPhone app in iTunes FS #376: Dec. 9, 2011: Hugo, Redemption Movies Feedback FS #375: Dec. 2, 2011: End-of-year screener.. http://www.filmspotting.net/reviews/bonus-content.html

September 08 2010


Filmspotting: FS #308: Inception / Top 5 Dream Sequences

From http://www.filmspotting.net/reviews/564-fs-308-inception-the-apartment-top-5-dream-sequences.html July 16: Had the weirdest dream last night. Want to hear it? I was at the Pitchfork Music Festival in Chicago amidst a sea of sweaty hipsters, but these two dudes (one a lot more handsome than the other) stood out. They were riding around on paisley covered unicorns. One was wearing a pair of faded Garanimal corduroys and a vintage Lamb Lies Down on Broadway Genesis t-shirt (seemingly unironically); the other was wearing his grandfather’s Pendleton plaid over a ragged Temple of the Dog tee and kept bragging to no one in particular about seeing Nirvana at the Croc in ’93. Then they started discussing director Christopher Nolan’s new film “Inception,” extolling its visuals and its mind-bending mythology. Then I thought I woke up. But I found myself in bed, thankfully fully clothed, in between those same two film nerds, only now they were prattling on and on about Billy Wilder’s classic film "The Apartment," starring Shirley MacLaine and Jack Lemmon. So I shut my eyes again and thought for sure I had woken up this time. But instead I found myself in a bowling alley and Saddam Hussein was working behind the shoe counter and I looked out at the lanes and there they were AGAIN! The pedantic duo were drinking some oat sodas and listing their Top 5 Dream Sequences. Every three minutes the far more handsome of the two would announce that the other was “out of his element” and about that time a dwarf who seemed to be speaking backwards started dancing awkwardly in the middle of the floor. Filmspotting #308 :13-21:00 - Review: "Inception" Music: Matthew Santos, "The Good Life" 21:55-27:41 - New DVDs / Notes 27:42-32:54 - Massacre Theatre (Winner: Mike Davidson) 32:55-36:47 - Poll Questions 36:48-55:57 - Wilder Marathon #4: "The Apartment" Music: Matthew Santos, "Break Free" 56:57-1:11:10 - Thank You / Donations 1:11:11-1:26:47 - Top 5: Dream Sequences 1:26:48-1:29:57 - Close / Outtakes NOTES / CORRECTIONS - Sam Smith on his process creating the artwork for Criterion Collection's "Everlasting Moments."
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