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February 21 2014


January 14 2014


BG 289: Meditation, Behavior Design, & Habit Building » Buddhist Geeks

Podcast: Download Episode Description: Tony Stubblebine is interested in meditation, app development, and behavioral design. He’s brought all three interests together in his latest project, a habit building app called Lift. In this conversation over Google Hangouts, Tony and host Vincent Horn discuss the merits and potential shadow side to behavioural design. Tony describes how he became interested in the science of behavioural design and how that led him to create Lift as a way to bring a social aspect to building positive habits. They talk about the three components to consider when building a habit, how the QS Movement relates to behavioural design, and how to use systems like Lift to build strong positive habits like daily meditation. Episode Links: LIFT “Mind Hacking” Lift community BJ Fogg Quantified Self Transcript: Transcript coming soon… http://www.buddhistgeeks.com/2013/07/bg-289-meditation-behavior-design-habit-building/

BG 295: Meditating to Get Ahead » Buddhist Geeks

Podcast: Download Episode Description: In this episode taken from a Geeks of the Round Table Google Hangout, meditation teacher Kenneth Folk joins Buddhist Geeks Vincent Horn, Emily Horn, and Kelly Sosan Bearer to discuss a recent Wired article, Enlightenment Engineers, that profiles Kenneth and the mindfulness culture in Silicon Valley. Emily opens the conversation by asking, “Does meditation really make you more productive and wealthy? And is it a way to get ahead?” The group explores these questions and discusses how variables in an individual’s values, form of practice, and other perceptual filters affect the answers. This is part one of a two part series.  Listen to part two BG 296: The Trojan Horse of Meditation. Episode Links: Kenneth Folk Enlightenment Engineers Transcript: Transcript coming soon… http://www.buddhistgeeks.com/2013/08/bg-295-meditating-to-get-ahead/

BG 305: Get It On Like a Buddha » Buddhist Geeks

Podcast: Download Episode Description: Lodro Rinzler is a meditation practitioner and teacher in the Shambhala Buddhist lineage. His latest book is Walk Like a Buddha: Even if Your Boss Sucks, Your Ex Is Torturing You, and You’re Hungover Again. In this conversation with host Vincent Horn, Lodro talks about the book and his new project The Institute for Compassionate Leadership, a leadership training and job placement organization that utilizes mentoring, meditation, traditional leadership skills training, and Obama style community organizing to produce compassionate, self-aware leaders. The interview starts with the inspiration for starting the Institute and what Lodro hopes to accomplish with it and his writing. This leads to a wider conversation about the usefulness of ancient teachings in the contemporary world and the value of fostering global conversation. Episode Links: Walk Like a Buddha: Even if Your Boss Sucks, Your Ex Is Torturing You, and You’re Hungover Again The Institute for Compassionate Leadership LodroRinzler.com Transcript: Transcript coming soon… http://www.buddhistgeeks.com/2014/01/bg-305-get-like-buddha/
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