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December 10 2013


5by5 | The Pipeline #50: Ze Frank

Ze Frank joins Dan Benjamin to discuss writing, video work, The Show, Star.me, creativity, and business. http://5by5.tv/pipeline/50

5by5 | The Pipeline #53: Craig Adams

Craig Adams, creator of Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery joins Dan Benjamin to talk about creating the game, Steve Jobs and Nintendo's Miyamoto, the importance of crafting user experience, impossible transitions, and "pretending long enough" to be successf http://5by5.tv/pipeline/53

December 06 2013


5by5 | Build and Analyze #11: The Mustache Guy

Dan and Marco discuss coffee, the weather, politics, religion, money, the launch of The Daily, and needing multiple devices for old-OS testing. http://5by5.tv/buildanalyze/11

December 04 2013


Online Marketing mit Folgen: serienjunkies.de im Podcast-Interview

Online Marketing aus der Sicht des News-Portals serienjunkies.de - Ein Podcast-Interview mit Hanna Huge, Leiterin Business Development. http://www.popularity-reference.de/online-marketing-mit-folgen-serienjunkies-de-im-podcast-interview/

October 07 2013


Jared Sinclair and Jamin Guy of Riposte | Iterate 53

Jared Sinclair and Jamin Guy talk to Marc, Seth, and Rene about their App.net alpha client, Riposte, and messaging client, Whisper. type="audio/mpeg"> Subscribe via iTunes Subscribe via RSS Download Directly http://www.imore.com/iterate-53-jared-sinclair-and-jamin-guy-riposte

September 18 2013


Latest Episode | The Back to Front Show

The Back to Front Show is an almost weekly podcast focusing on back-end technology, front-end development and plenty in-between hosted by Keir Whitaker and Kieran Masterton. http://backtofrontshow.com/

September 16 2013


5by5 | The Web Ahead #56: The Nature of the Web with Jeremy Keith

Wonder-developer Jeremy Keith joins Jen Simmons to talk about comments on websites, the birth of the web, progressive enhancement, control and much more. http://5by5.tv/webahead/56

August 19 2013


5by5 | The Changelog #100: Go programming with Rob Pike and Andrew Gerrand

Andrew Thorp talks with Rob Pike and Andrew Gerrand about the history and latest updates to the Go programming language, an open source project developed from a team at Google and many contributors from the open source community. http://5by5.tv/changelog/100

August 18 2013


5by5 | Build and Analyze #1: Update All

Marco Arment and Dan Benjamin discuss the impending iOS release, multitasking in iOS, Verizon vs. AT&T, Mifi vs. iPad 3G, and more. http://5by5.tv/buildanalyze/1

August 13 2013


5by5 | The Pipeline #17: Alex Payne

Dan Benjamin interviews Alex Payne as he departs Twitter to co-found BankSimple. http://5by5.tv/pipeline/17

August 06 2013


5by5 | The Changelog #98: AFNetworking, Helios, and mobile & iOS development with Mattt Thompson

Adam Stacoviak, Andrew Thorp and Kenneth Reitz talk with Mattt Thompson, Mobile Lead at Heroku, about his many contributions to open source. http://5by5.tv/changelog/98?utm_source=buffer&utm_campaign=Buffer&utm_content=bufferee876&utm_medium=twitter

August 05 2013


5by5 | The Changelog #96: Ruby off Rails with Jesse Wolgamott

Adam Stacoviak and guest co-host Tim Smith talk with Jesse Wolgamott about learning Ruby, his course and mentorship Ruby off Rails, and more! http://5by5.tv/changelog/96

July 04 2013


Episode 10 - Side Projects with Dan Eden

An in-depth discussion on the latest tooling, workflow and best practices for frontend developers http://upfrontpodcast.com/2013/03/28/episode10.html

June 29 2013


5by5 | The Changelog #94: Sass, libsass, Haml and more with Hampton Catlin

Adam Stacoviak and Andrew Thorp talk with Hampton Catlin about Sass, libsass, Haml, Tritium, Moovweb and more. http://5by5.tv/changelog/94

June 11 2013


Jeff Gothelf – Lean UX: Escaping Product Requirement Hell » UIE Brain Sparks

June 01 2013


5by5 | The Changelog #82: Ruby Motion, MacRuby and more with Laurent Sansonetti

Wynn and Sam chat with Laurent Sansonetti about Macruby, RubyMotion and more. http://5by5.tv/changelog/82

April 10 2013


This Developer's Life - 1.0.1 Getting Fired

I talk to 2 developers in this episode, and toss in a story from myself at the end: The first story comes from Sara J Chipps a Microsoft developer who lives on the East Coast. The second story comes from Oren Eine (Ayende Rahien) about what life as a prison commander in Israel taught him about his career. And finally there's me (Rob) - talking about the "Coyote Contract" that was doomed to fail. So I gnawed off my own reputation to get out of it. http://thisdeveloperslife.com/post/1-0-1-getting-fired

September 04 2012


5by5 | Build and Analyze #93: One Donkey Walking In A Circle

5by5 - Build and Analyze #93: One Donkey Walking In A Circle http://5by5.tv/buildanalyze/93

August 27 2012


5by5 | Build and Analyze #92: The Risk Of Broken Promises

5by5 - Build and Analyze #92: The Risk Of Broken Promises http://5by5.tv/buildanalyze/92

August 20 2012


5by5 | Build and Analyze #91: Quadrants

5by5 - Build and Analyze #91: Quadrants http://5by5.tv/buildanalyze/91
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