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February 26 2014


February 24 2014


January 26 2014


Examining New Business Models | CCC's Beyond the Book

Until very recently, the core business model of publishing was in a steady state. Indeed, it was so for a couple of hundred years – Publishers acquired copyrights, sometime risking cash to do so by paying in advance; they printed books; and they sold them. Yet in 2014, new models roll out regularly. Publishers in topical verticals are creating subscription offers, and others are even selling memberships. They’ve organized special live events, and they sell tickets to readers to meet their authors. Recorded at this month’s Digital Book World 2014 Conference, a panel of innovative publishers tells CCC’s Chris Kenneally how their new approaches move beyond simply selling books one at a time. The discussion features Lyron Bennett, Sourcebooks; Brandi Larsen, BookCountry; John Tayman, Byliner; and Karl Weber, LID Publishing. Source: http://beyondthebookcast.com/examining-new-business-models/

January 20 2014


Creating Cash via Business, Real Estate and Investing – What’s best? with Toby Salgado - See more at: http://eventualmillionaire.com/toby-salgado/#sthash.IzU0afvp.dpuf

Toby Salgado has been in many industries. We talk about which one is the best to millionaire status at first, and what we should focus on after we have a high net worth. He has incredible stories of jumping into industries he knows nothing about and swimming with the best of them! Get advice about finding opportunities in the market, and how to push forward to create an impact in your business. http://eventualmillionaire.com/toby-salgado/

December 10 2013


Episode 032: Rich Wood — The Menu Bar

This week @mattalexand joins us to discuss flotillas, volcanos, being true to yourself, Need, why values should inform your business model, and karaoke. Subscribe via iTunes or Subscribe via Direct Feed Zac drank Blaine Water Andrew drank a July Passion (shaken, not stirred) Matt had half a bottle of wine and a Revolver Blood & Honey http://themenubar.net/podcastfeed/tmb-ep032

December 05 2013


Core Intuition » Episode 116: I Structured The Whole Thing Wrong

Manton and Daniel discuss Salesforce’s botched hackathon, the risk of relying upon third-party adulation, and searching for a viable business model after releasing a product. Download (MP3, 34 minutes, 16 MB) Dreamforce Hackathon – Salesforce’s promotional page for their recent hackathon. Dirty Secret – Marco Arment’s commentary on perceived problems with the Salesforce hackathon. The Integrity Prize – Daniel’s reaction to the Salesforce hackathon aftermath. $2 Million Compromise – News article about Salesforce’s decision to award two $1M winners. $1 Million – Mattt Thompson’s post encouraging folks to participate in the hackathon. AFNetworking – Mattt Thompson’s excellent Mac and iOS networking library. NSHipster – Mattt Thompson’s excellent Cocoa engineering blog. Pinboard Investment Co-Prosperity Cloud – The novel startup incubator from Pinboard founder Maciej Cegłowski. Tweet Marker Paid Only – Post from Manton announcing the adjusted business model for Tweet Marker. Non-Developer App.net API – Announcement from App.net of a new limited API access for non-developer accounts. Sponsored by PDFpen Scan+: Scanning and OCR for iPad and iPhone. http://www.coreint.org/2013/12/episode-116-i-structured-the-whole-thing-wrong/

August 11 2013


Problems + Solutions = Opportunity | Five Minutes With Jack

An idea for a business means nothing! To create a viable business it takes hard work, a system, effective marketing and an unshakable faith in your mission. http://www.jackspirko.com/problems-solutions-opportunity

Internet Marketing Landmine Number Three | Five Minutes With Jack

While initially many marketers are to broad in their focus once they become successful the reverse is often a bigger problem. Learn how leverage online success. http://www.jackspirko.com/episode-11-internet-marketing-landmine-number-three

Internet Marketign Landmine Number Two | Five Minutes With Jack

Having to broad of a focus is a multi headed monster for internet marketers learn how to understand, kill and plan around this danger for better profits. http://www.jackspirko.com/episode-11-internet-marketign-landmine-number-two
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