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February 14 2014


Episode #34 — Austin Kleon Needs A Death Threat From Darth Vader For Motivation : Pixel Recess

On today’s show we have the talented internationally known artist, hooligan, vandal, censorist, and thief Austin Kleon. When Austin isn’t busy taking naps under his desk or sorting through the various envelops with dick pics in them, he can be found melting lake-effect snow and making his own form of alcoholic drink.   You might also know Austin as the inspiration for the city of Austin, in Texas — where they make BBQ and hipsters; for making the infamous app Austigram, for advocating the defacement of the Constitution, and not doing things to books. Austin may or may not like midwesterners and will do many things for a million dollars.   Please rate and review this podcast on iTunes and vote for it as the Best New Podcast on the Net Awards. Please don’t make me create thousands of alias email accounts to make my dream of superfluous internet stardom (and subsequent celebrity mental breakdown) a reality.   Today’s show is NOT sponsored by dick pics or newspapers.      Superiority Level:8.61  Twitter Famous:1,617  Follow Austin:@austinkleon Tagged: blackout, cleveland is terrible, dick on a wall, dick wall, everyday weird, lake effect snow bourbon, no real friends, portrait, sellout, vandal, vandal magnets, vandalism http://recess.unitedpixelworkers.com/austin-kleon/

October 15 2013



A few weeks ago I flew up to Seattle to film an interview with photographer Chase Jarvis. We talked a lot about my books (including the new one) and art and creativity in general. We also took a lot of questions from the live and online audience.

March 14 2012


LAW Radio - 11.03.2011 - Stone Cold Steve Austin

LAW Radio - 11.03.2011 - Stone Cold Steve Austin

January 10 2012


Artist as Witness

Artist as Witness In a continuation of our Artist as Witness series, Weekend America goes on a walk with two artists exploring their environment. First we meet cartoonist Ben Katchor who finds his inspiration in the urban streets of New York City. Next we encounter the world of architect Chris Taylor, who finds his inspiration where nature and humans collide. Taylor takes us on a walk through Austin where a stream bed cuts right through the center of town.

March 03 2011


Sleep ∞ Over :: Casual Diamond

In the time since we released Sleep ∞ Over's transcendent Outer Limits 7 single last Spring on Forest Family, two of the band's three members left to http://www.gorillavsbear.net/2011/03/01/mp3-premiere-sleep-%e2%88%9e-over-casual-diamond/
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