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February 20 2014


March 12 2012


What's the Big Idea: Occupy London

A couple of weeks ago, protesters at St Paul’s were evicted after four-and-a-half months. Most of the media coverage during the time they were there was about whether or not they were entitled to stay, and when St Paul’s Cathedral or the City of London would decide enough was enough. But we learned very little about the protesters themselves. Who were they? Why did they decide to give up their normal lives to camp? Did they all want the same thing? And did they get it? In late December we set out hoping to make an episode about what Occupy was for, straight for the horse’s mouth. It very much ended up being about the people there, and the stories of how they found themselves camping in the centre of London for several months during the winter of 2011/12. We hope you enjoy it.
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