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February 27 2014


5by5 | The Prompt #37: The World’s Greatest Podcast Title

This week, Myke returns to talk to Federico and Stephen about challenges developers face in the Mac and iOS App Stores with special guest David Barnard. http://5by5.tv/prompt/37

February 26 2014


5by5 | Systematic #85: Adam Christianson - on getting to independent

Adam Christianson of Maccast on how he got from IT guy to podcaster. http://5by5.tv/systematic/85

5by5 | Directional #2: Lv.2 Virtual Console and Blue Ocean Reprise

This week Myke and Federico address a whole host of follow up and awesome listener mail, before completing their Nintendo discussion from last week. They talk about Nintendo’s move towards smartphones, using the 3DS as a Wii U controller, the problems wit http://5by5.tv/directional/2

February 25 2014


5by5 | The Conversation #27: Missionless Statements

In this special episode, Dan Benjamin talks with two of his heroes, Merlin Mann and Jeff Veen about independence, free thinking, email, productivity, and changing your game. http://5by5.tv/conversation/27

5by5 | Back to Work #6: Expectational Debt

Merlin Mann is back from Webstock and ready to recap with Dan Benjamin, which leads back to caring first, performance and fear, meditation, hypnotherapy, and why you really need the hard answer instead just more tips. http://5by5.tv/b2w/6

5by5 | Amplified #90: I'm Not Allowed to Have Tools

Jim and Dan talk about the Pirates of Silicon Valley, Apple, Microsoft, the heart of innovation, Guns n Roses, and more. http://5by5.tv/amplified/90

February 24 2014


5by5 | CMD+Space #85: Being a Geek, with John Siracusa

This week Myke is joined by John Siracusa. http://5by5.tv/cmdspace/85

5by5 | Build and Analyze #20: Dev and Taxes

Dan and Marco talk about version control, keeping track of business finances, knowing when to hire help, and more. http://5by5.tv/buildanalyze/20

5by5 | The Incomparable #111: These Go to Eleven

"This is Spinal Tap." http://5by5.tv/incomparable/111

5by5 | Mac Power Users #178: The Contacts Show

David and Katie discuss the best practices for managing, syncing and organizing contacts. http://5by5.tv/mpu/178

February 23 2014


5by5 | Latest in Paleo #100: It's Not That Simple — Or is it?

What's New in Angelo's Paleo approach? Is nutrition really confusing? Gary Taubes vs. Dr. Katz. What's wrong with the modern diet? Is Depression a disease of civilization? http://5by5.tv/paleo/100

5by5 | Mac Power Users #160: Getting Ready for Mavericks

David and Katie talk about getting your Mac ready for OS X Mavericks. http://5by5.tv/mpu/160

5by5 | Mac Power Users #98: Mac from Scratch

Katie and David talk through setting up a new Mac or rebuilding an old one from scratch. http://5by5.tv/mpu/98

5by5 | Home Work #99: Calendars

Aaron Mahnke and Dave Caolo talk about work, home, freelancing, business, telecommuting, and start ups. http://5by5.tv/homework/99

5by5 | Mac Power Users #80: Spring Cleaning Your Mac

Katie and David cover spring cleaning your Mac. http://5by5.tv/mpu/80

5by5 | Mac Power Users #109: Speeding Up Your Mac

From hardware upgrades to maintenance, Katie and David discuss ways to speed up your Mac. http://5by5.tv/mpu/109

5by5 | Mac Power Users #134: Mac Utilities

David and Katie review their favorite utilities for the Mac. http://5by5.tv/mpu/134

5by5 | Bionic #77: Be A Small Dinosaur

Myke shows off his ability to make dinosaur noises, Matt brainstorms the televised version of Car, Plane or Boat™, domain panic buying, and two important Vlcnr hires. http://5by5.tv/bionic/77

February 22 2014


5by5 | The Incomparable #183: How I Sold Your Mother

"Star Wars: Episode II -- Attack of the Clones." (Part 2 of 2.) http://5by5.tv/incomparable/183

5by5 | 5by5 at the Movies #1: Goodfellas

Dan Benjamin and John Siracusa discuss "Goodfellas". http://5by5.tv/movies/1
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