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April 24 2017


A Big Call To Re-Connect With The Global Order

A grand new counter trend strategy for global order. Big foreign policy thinker Anne-Marie Slaughter says embrace connections not borders.

The Meaning Of Our New Mindfulness

From apps, to the office, meditation and mindfulness are bigger than ever. We’ll take a deep breath and explore the realm of om.

April 21 2017


#OnPointListens: Seeing The Real Milwaukee

Tom reflects after his visit to Milwaukee.

Week In The News: Bill O’Reilly Out, Georgia Runoff, Turkish Vote

A wrong-way Armada and tough talk on North Korea. Georgia runoff. Bill O’Reilly’s future. Turkey’s more powerful president. Our weekly news roundtable goes behind the headlines.

#OnPointListens: Listening To A Divided Milwaukee

We are in majority minority Milwaukee on our national listening tour, talking about race in the age of Trump.

April 20 2017


France’s Presidential Election And The Future Of Europe

France readies for a high-stakes election that could lead to the end of the European Union itself. We’ll look at the populist wave and France.

Grief, Recovery And Personal Treatment

Prince Harry says he finally got therapy to help him deal with grief over the death of his mother, Diana. We’re talking about grief and recovery.

April 19 2017


When Facebook Becomes A Venue For Violence

Facebook under fire again this week after its Easter murder video. Zuckerberg’s talking. We’re on it.

Our Food Supply: Always In Season, Always At Risk

How having every kind of food year-round could one day – maybe now – imperil our food supply.

April 18 2017


Tax Day Protests, Tax Plan Progress

On Tax Day, we’ll look at what a Trump tax overhaul could look like for the country and for you.

Secret Government Research Into Unexplained ‘Phenomena’

A new book tells the secret history of the federal government’s long investigation into mental telepathy, clairvoyance, precognition – for defense. The author’s with us.

April 17 2017


Checking Global Tensions As Conflict Inches Closer

War watch. We look at rising tensions and the U.S. presence in Syria, Afghanistan and on the Korean peninsula.

Black Bodies, Green Spaces

When a young African-American woman headed out solo along the Appalachian Trail, she learned a lot about the politics of race in the great outdoors.

April 14 2017


Week In The News: Afghan Bomb, United Scandal, Bannon Blunder

Tillerson face-to-face with Putin. Sean Spicer’s Hitler blunder. Turbulent times for United Airlines. Our weekly news roundtable goes behind the headlines.

Misty Copeland Choreographs Her Own Way

Prima ballerina Misty Copeland on challenging beauty norms and loving yourself as you are.

April 13 2017


Arkansas Rushes Death Penalty For 7 Inmates

Arkansas says it will execute seven death row inmates by the end of next week. Why the rush? The lethal injection drugs are set to expire. We’ll look at the controversy.

Big Worries In Vermont’s Dairy Industry

Fears on the farm. How President Trump’s immigration crackdown could impact Vermont’s dairy industry.

April 12 2017


Passenger Rights And The United Scandal

The shocking video of a passenger bloodied and dragged off an overbooked United flight lit up social media. Everyone’s asking -- what rights do airline passengers have?

'Wait, What?' (And Other Big Questions)

We talk to a college dean whose graduation speech on asking the right questions and living a full life has gone viral way beyond campus.

April 11 2017


Political Upheaval, By Design

President Trump’s top advisor Steve Bannon is a big fan of the book “The Fourth Turning” and its dark message of political upheaval. We’ll check it out.
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