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February 07 2018


Private Space Flight Blasts Off With Falcon Heavy

Falcon Heavy roars into the sky – the most powerful rocket ever sent into space by a private company. We’ll look at SpaceX and the private space industry.

The 'Joy And Heartbreak' Of Female Friendships

From Oprah and Gayle to you and your BFF, we’ll explore the joys and complications of female friendships.

What Stock Market Volatility Means For The Economy, And You

Live by the Dow, die by the Dow? We'll look at the economic tea leaves and realities of a volatile market.

Is It Now Too Hard To Prosecute Politicians For Corruption?

After Senator Bob Menendez's bribery case is dismissed, we'll ask if it it's now impossible to prosecute politicians for corruption.

February 06 2018


How To Push The Limits Of Human Endurance

Just in time for the games in South Korea, a U.S. Olympic cross counter skier and a sports science writer on what it takes to push the boundaries of human endurance.

What Did Pope Francis Know About Sex Abuse In Chile?

Did Pope Francis know about clergy sex abuse in Chile and cover it up? We'll hear the evidence from his own commission.

February 05 2018


Nunes Memo Was ‘Effort To Shut Down The Mueller Investigation,’ Dem Rep. Says

The so-called Nunes memo purports to reveal FBI and Department of Justice abuses in an investigation of an American citizen who worked for Donald Trump’s campaign.

February 04 2018


What The Nunes Memo Says, And Doesn't Say

The Nunes memo is out. What does it say? What doesn't it say? Will President Trump use it to fire the Department of Justice's No. 2 — or Robert Mueller?

A Living Will For Alzheimer's

While you’re still of sound mind, should you lay out the medical care you want if you’re diagnosed with Alzheimer’s? Now, you can.

February 02 2018


‘We've Lost The War Of The Story In Afghanistan, And We Can't Recover’

More than 16 years after it began, the war in Afghanistan is often described as a stalemate.

February 01 2018


Week In The News: Russia Memo Fireworks, State Of The Union

President Trump’s take on the State of the Union. Russia memo fireworks. Olympic ban lifted on some Russian athletes. The super blue blood moon. Our weekly news round table goes behind the headlines.

Pats-Eagles Super Bowl Caps Off Year Of Controversy For NFL

Ready, set, Super Bowl. The big game caps the NFL’s season of discontent.

Afghanistan War Continues, 16 Years And Counting

America’s war in Afghanistan 16-years and counting. Is there any way to win or get out?

Will Amazon, JPMorgan And Berkshire Hathaway Upend Healthcare, Too?

Amazon has disrupted big-box retail, made waves in the grocery store world and tantalized hundreds of cities around the country simply by offering to open a second headquarters. Could healthcare be the next target?

Trump Pledges To Lower Drug Costs — Can We Do It?

President Trump says going after the high cost of prescription drugs is a top priority. We’ll examine his medical checklist.

January 30 2018


State Of The Union, Under Trump

President Trump on the State of the Union. The White House says it’s “incredible.” What do you say?

The Latest Millennial Trend: Farming

The next generation of farmers coming from cities. We’ll look at why millennial professionals are ditching suits for pitchforks.

Limit Kids' Screen Time By Unplugging. Literally.

One of the joys of a show like On Point, which takes live callers from around the country, is that they're often not just asking questions for our guests so we can share wisdom from on high. They're very often sharing pearls of wisdom themselves.

January 29 2018


FBI's No. 2 Steps Down; Are We Nearing A Constitutional Crisis?

FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe resigns abruptly. Are we steps away from a constitutional crisis?

Can You Balance Screen Time And Family Time?

Family time versus screen time. Anya Kamenetz, NPR’s digital reporter and mother of two, says they really can co-exist.
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