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May 26 2017


'Dangerous Woman': Pop And Feminism

After the concert bombing, we’ll listen to the girl power music and message of Ariana Grande and other female pop star.

Week In The News: Trump Travels Abroad, Russia Investigation At Home, Attack In Manchester

President Trump abroad. Manchester terror attack. Russia probe intensifies. Our weekly news roundtable goes behind the headlines.

May 25 2017


Standing Up For Job Security

Today on our show, we dove into the world of noncompetes clauses, which often bar workers from finding work at competing firms nearby for a certain period of time.

Under Trump, California Goes Its Own Way

From climate change to healthcare reform and sanctuary cities, California takes center stage in the resistance to President Trump. Are they California dreaming?

Sign Here, And Stay Here

Even fast-food workers are signing noncompete clauses and confidentiality agreements. But at what cost?

May 24 2017


Trump's Budget Cuts Safety Net Spending

The President’s budget is out. Though the rollout is quiet, the impacts would be huge. $800 billion slashed from Medicaid for starters. We’ll take a look.

Tuberculosis And Rural Healthcare In America

Alabama’s tuberculosis epidemic and what it shows us about rural healthcare in America.

May 23 2017


Terror Strikes in Manchester

At least 22 dead after an attack at a concert venue in Britain. An alleged assailant dead in the blast. Britain calling it a 'terrorist incident.'

Cautioning Against Future Catastrophes

Former top White House counterterrorism adviser Richard Clarke joins us to talk Russia, cyber security, more threats headed our way – and what we can do to stop them.

May 22 2017


President Trump On The World Stage

The president is abroad while political storms brew at home. We’ll look at how President Trump is faring on the world stage.

Hold The Meat

Investors are forking over big bucks to invest in the faux meat industry. Will this save the planet and humanity? And how does it taste?

May 19 2017


Week In The News: Special Counsel, Trump Under Fire, Remembering Roger Ailes

Bombshell week in Washington. Classified information shared with Russia. Special Counsel appointed. Roger Ailes. The president heads abroad on his first foreign trip. Our weekly news round table goes behind the headlines.

Tallying The Economic Impact Of Our National Monuments

Our National Monuments are under review -- why does it matter?

May 18 2017


Justice Department Names Special Counsel

The Justice Department establishes a special counsel to investigate the President. The President, under fire, heads off on his first international trip.

'13 Reasons Why' We're Talking About Teen Suicide

The controversial Netflix show “13 Reasons Why,” and how parents, schools and teenagers should talk about teen suicide.

May 17 2017


Trump, Russia And Classified Intelligence Sharing

Intelligence sharing between nations as we learn more about the charge that President Trump revealed classified information to Russia. We’ll have the latest.

Your Search History Shows Your Secret Side

What our Google searches reveal about us. It’s not always the face we show to the world.

May 16 2017


Sentencing Reform – And Reversal – In The Trump DOJ

Attorney General Jeff Sessions orders tougher sentences for federal crimes. We’ll look at what they would look like.

Old-Timey Tunes With One Pokey LaFarge

We go to St. Louis to hear Pokey LaFarge and his band –from their manic retro best to their no-joke take on America’s streets today.

May 15 2017


Sen. Ben Sasse Is On The Hunt For ‘American Adults’

Republican Senator Ben Sasse of Nebraska always speaks his mind. And he has plenty to say about President Trump, James Comey, Washington politics, even how we’re raising our children. He’s with us.
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