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May 22 2018


Behind Trump's Demand For A DOJ Investigation

President Trump demands the Justice Department find out if the FBI spied on his campaign. We’ll look at the evidence.

How The Top 9.9 Percent Is Leaving The Rest In The Dust

Forget the top one-percenters, it’s the top 9.9 percenters who are holding everyone else down. Hear the case.

May 21 2018


Abby Wambach's Commencement Speech At Barnard College: 'Failure Is Fuel'

Abby Wambach delivered the keynote address at Barnard College last week. She told the 2018 graduating class -- the "wolfpack" -- to make failure their fuel.

America's Threshold For Mass Shootings

At least 10 were killed at a Texas high school on Friday. Again, the country is mourning, opening up the fraught debate on gun control, school safety, and mental health.

Trump's Push For Prison Reform

President Trump pushes for prison reform at a White House summit. Congress takes it up, too. We’ll unpack.

The Biggest 'What-If' Moments In Sports History

What if Billie Jean King had lost to Bobby Riggs? We’ll imagine that and other what-if moments in sports with Mike Pesca and a roster of all-star writers.

May 18 2018


Will Mueller Indict The President? Where The Special Counsel Goes From Here

It's now one year since special counsel Robert Mueller began his investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 election. The question everybody's asking: What will come of this?

Getting Ready For The Royal Wedding

As Meghan Markle gets ready to marry the most eligible bachelor in the world, beyond the fairy tale, there’s a real life conversation to be had about racism and the culture of celebrity.

Week In News: Gaza Violence, North Korea Talks, Trump's Michael Cohen Payment

Gaza violence. North Korea talks, maybe? Trump discloses payment to Michael Cohen. The roundtable takes it all up.

Abroad And At Home, The Ongoing Debates About Abortion

Amid debates over repealing Ireland's Eighth Amendment and restricting access to abortion in the U.S., On Point listeners share their insights and personal experiences.

May 17 2018


Chinese Firm ZTE And Trump's Trade Deals

Chinese tech giant ZTE is becoming a key factor in U.S.-China trade talks. We'll talk about the latest from Trump's trade deals.

Diving Deep Into Coal Country With 'Embedded'

A year after President Trump said coal is back, NPR’s Kelly McEvers goes deep inside coal country for the podcast “Embedded.”

Tillerson Points To U.S. 'Crisis Of Ethics And Integrity'

Former Secretary of State Rex Tillerson delivered the commencement speech at the Virginia Military Institute Wednesday. We'll listen to his remarks.

Abortion Politics Across The Atlantic: Ireland's Vote, America's Ongoing Debate

Abortion politics in Ireland. Ahead of the vote that could bring changes to the country’s abortion laws, we’ll hear the debate and look at battles closer to home.

May 16 2018


Exploring The World Of Psychedelics With Michael Pollan

Writer Michael Pollan turns his attention to psychedelic mushrooms and the new science of psychedelics. He joins us.

One Year Of Mueller

The Mueller investigation hits the one-year mark. We'll discuss what we know and what’s to come.

February 07 2018


Private Space Flight Blasts Off With Falcon Heavy

Falcon Heavy roars into the sky – the most powerful rocket ever sent into space by a private company. We’ll look at SpaceX and the private space industry.

The 'Joy And Heartbreak' Of Female Friendships

From Oprah and Gayle to you and your BFF, we’ll explore the joys and complications of female friendships.

What Stock Market Volatility Means For The Economy, And You

Live by the Dow, die by the Dow? We'll look at the economic tea leaves and realities of a volatile market.

Is It Now Too Hard To Prosecute Politicians For Corruption?

After Senator Bob Menendez's bribery case is dismissed, we'll ask if it it's now impossible to prosecute politicians for corruption.
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