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October 24 2017


Chemical Industry Insider Rolls Back Rules At EPA

A chemical industry insider now has a top job at the EPA and is rolling back rules on toxic chemicals. Is safety being compromised?

October 06 2017


Late Night Television Turns From Funny To Somber

From Jimmy Kimmel on health care to Trevor Noah on police shootings, late -night comedy is getting serious.

Week In The News: Las Vegas Shooting, President in Puerto Rico, Tillerson Tension

Massacre in Las Vegas. Tillerson tensions. Trump’s message in Puerto Rico. Our weekly news roundtable goes behind the headlines.

August 07 2017


The Humanitarian Crisis Unfolding Abroad

Famine. 20 million people now on the brink in Africa and the Middle East. We’ve got reporters on the frontlines.

Rethinking Affirmative Action?

Affirmative action and the Trump administration. Talk of discrimination against Asian Americans, White Americans.

August 04 2017


#OnPointListens: Listening To A Changing Portland, And Country

We are in Portland, Maine on our national listening tour talking about the president now, our divided U.S. economy, and how gentrification is playing out in Portland and beyond.

Week In The News: Trump Immigration Cuts, White House Shake-Up, Foreign Tensions

Trump’s immigration revamp. Scaramucci sacked. North Korea’s missiles. Russia tensions. Our weekly news roundtable goes behind the headlines.

August 03 2017


Where The Booming Stock Market Goes From Here

The stock market is booming. What’s it mean to the economy if it keeps soaring? What’s it mean if it crashes?

Trump Supports Plan To Cut Legal Immigration

We're talking about Trump's immigration plans. How the president's immigration revamp would remake America.

Boosting The Dow, Apple Soars

Riding strong iPhone sales, Apple stock is reaching new records, and bringing the Dow Jones industrial average up with it.

July 10 2017


America's Minimum Wage Showdown

While some states raise the minimum wage, Missouri’s rolling it back. We’ll dive into the nation’s wage battle.

Signalling North Korea, With Sanctions On China?

Are sanctions on China the way to send a message to North Korea? We’ll hear the case and pushback.

Donald Trump Jr. Met With Russia Connection

The New York Times reported Donald Trump Jr. met with a Russia lawyer with the promise of receiving dirt on Hillary Clinton during the presidential campaign.

July 07 2017


On Point Extra: Embracing Disruption

Tom Ashbrook interviews Airbnb's Head of Global Policy and Public Affairs Chris Lehane.

The Politics Of Paid Family Leave

The growing call for paid family leave. Washington State just passed it. Ivanka Trump is pushing for it. We hear the debate around an idea whose time may have come.

Week In The News: Trump Abroad, North Korea Tensions, State Budgets

President Trump at the G20. North Korea on notice. State budget battles. Our weekly news round table goes behind the headlines.

July 06 2017


Have Faith, Millennials

A rabbi, imam, Episcopal priest and a Catholic priest. Millennial clergy on the challenges of reaching out to a country that’s redefining what faith means.

Our Hamstrung Health Care System

The most expensive, least efficient healthcare model in the developed world is ours. How did we get here?

July 05 2017


The Vast Voice Of Sarah Vaughan

Race, jazz and the incredible voice of Sarah Vaughan, Queen of Bebop.

At The G20, Heavy Topics On The Table

We look ahead to this week’s G20 summit in Germany. Global trade, climate change, security, and – maybe – the future of the West, all there.
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